Government Approved - Welcome to TLS Bangkok & CTLS Pattaya Language Schools, has been established now for 12 years... Thailand's No.1 - Provider of the Educational Visa, our schools is government approved and has several licenses necessary to qualify the school in the relevant fields.... Thai Culture - We Offer the 20 hours Thai Culture Course, Which is mandatory for all foreign teachers in obtaining a Ministry of Education teaching license which is a legal requirement... Multiple Languages - ED Visa's available in several languages including, English, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Many More... Toefl - If you require attending a foreign university or working in the airline industry you will be required to take     the 4 TOEFL tests, be trained in how to pass the Toefl.... A1 English Test -  All foreign nationals wanting to reside in the UK, must now pass the A1 English Language Test, Be tutored into how to pass the A1 English Test..... Want to open a School? - Dr Tewi Gleeson PhD is an expert on educational law and can act as an educational consultant during the complicated process of opening a school .Or why not Franchise our licenses. Approved Recruiting Agency - TLS Language School and CTLS Language School are one of the leading education recruiters of Teachers with contracts with over 60 schools in Bangkok…. Approved Legal Practice - Chris and Tewi Legal Services is an approved legal practice within Thailand and as such the services we can offer our students are far ranging, please ask for a consultation… Long stay Visa's - Not only do we offer the ED Visa but through our legal practice can offer all types of long stay visa’s Having problems with your finance for your retirement visa, there are solutions come and talk to us… The 9 educational elements - Under the law, all foreign teachers in Thailand whose degrees are not in education , must be tested at the ministry of education in these 9 subjects, To obtain the Thailand Teaching license TLS Language School will acquire the license to tutor in these subjects in 2011… Hotel  Management Training - TLS Language Schools in 2010 did language training in 126 hotels in all parts of Thailand, our Educational License in Hotel Management Training allows us to offer language training to all hotel staff in various subjects…..

Student Visa or ED Visa

How to Apply

The application is very simple both inside and outside of Thailand.

If you are already in Thailand you will need to visit one of our 3 schools.

Bring your passport ( must be still valid for 12 months and have a current visa ) and 12 passport size photos to one of the schools. You will be asked to fill out an information sheet while our staff takes copies of your passport, and current visa. The staff of TLS Language School and CTLS Language School with then fill out all 8 application forms.

Yes 8 !!! we do the applications for all 4 extensions right at the begining of the process this makes the school's life easier when your extensions are due.

Our staff then submit the documents to the Ministry of Education for approval, This process takes 2-3 weeks, If you require the documents quickly then we charge for the express service at a cost of 2,000 baht, this will guarentee that your documents will be back in 7-10 days. If you are in Thailand on a NoN O Visa or a Tourist Visa you must leave Thailand to obtain the temporary 3 month ED Visa.

If you apply from overseas

You fill out the same information sheet and upload your passport and passport photo and proof of payment to our online application form

ED Visa Application CLICK HERE

Inward Transfer Information CLICK HERE

We then process the documents in the same way as above, but send you the documents by FEDEX and email you the tracking number. This is a 30 page document and the FEDEX postage is an added extra of 2,000 Baht, The process takes 3-4 weeks including the 4 working day postage. We understand that when booking flights you need guarentees that the documents will arrive in time, We give these guarentees. Currently we have over 70 students who have applied for the ED Visa from overseas.

The huge benefit of applying from overseas is you arrive on the temporary 3 month visa so you are not required to leave Thailand which would be an added cost, most tour companies in Pattaya charge 9,000 baht to go to Laos to obtain the ED Visa and it takes 2 days.


What Happens Next?

It does not matter which option you choose to follow, On your arrival in Thailand with the temporary 3 month ED Visa you must visit the school from which you will study, Our staff take copies of your new ED Visa and submit new documents to the Ministry of Education who grant you a 12 month extension ( Thats a total of 12-15 months, yes our schools license is different we can offer 12-15 months in the first year of study, other school can only offer a temporary 3 month visa followed by 3 extensions please feel free to ask them)

When your extension is approved by the Ministry of Education you are required to attend Immigration every 90 days to obtain your new 90 day ED Visa with documentation from the school. The cost of your new Ed Visa is 1,900 baht and at the same time you do your 90 day reporting your current address.

Your Course

We Teach Thai in both German and English at the school in Pattaya but only in English in our other 2 schools. Our teachers are all graduated in English and German Please Meet our Teachers

Thai Language is a 45 week program of 2 x 2 hour classes per week, 180 hours of learning to communicate, reading and writing. With over 3500 student who have been granted the ED Visa and more than 40% signing up for a second and third years with options to do years four and five.( 5 years you ask? yes all the subjects we can offer the ED Visa in can be studied for 5 years. Other schools can only do 3 years ask them to show the license to you)

This is the reason why we are informed by the Ministry of Education that we are Thailands No1 provider of the Ed Visa or Student Visa.

We have set times for our classes and group classes are run 10.00 am -12.00 am, 1.00pm -3.00 pm and 3.30pm to 5.30 pm, New classes are booked in according to our teacher schedules, usually 1 morning and 1 afternoon per week.

The temporary 3 month visa allows the school to put a new class together and will start everytime there are 6-8 students in a class. Unlike other schools your teacher will remain with you for the duration of your course, unless the Teacher has unexpected time off.



TLS Language School and CTLS Language School have built the reputation of our schools on honesty and integretory. When we first received the licence to offer the ED Visa there were only Universities and 2 other schools who could offer the ED Visa, now there are hundreds.

Many are bogus, many are agents for schools who have the license, some have 50% more students than classroom availability, We would like to take this opportunity to warn people that the Education Department are now checking schools and attendence records of students with ED Visa's. If schools cannot provide evidence of attendence at the registered classes the education department have the authority to cancel the students ED Visa and also have the authority to close the schools that are breaking the law. The student visa is a comfortable way to stay in Thailand, 4 hours per week is not a lot of time to give up for this comfortable visa, regulations state you must have a 70% attendence at the school where you study.

Be Warned the cheapest price is not always the safest if your ED Visa is cancelled you will not get another, even from a different school as the Education Department will blacklist you.

Below is an English copy of approval for our 3 schools from 3 separate Education Departments

Please protect yourselves and ask to see the school Licenses ours are Below in English




Informaion sheet for ED Visa application

Place of birth

Address in Thailand ( not for overseas applicants )

In case of Emergency please contact

Family History

Passport Information

Please upload the following:-

Security Code captcha

Security Code captcha


Pls make wire transfer ad following details:

Thanon Chaloem Phrakiat Pattaya Branch

Address: 222/99 Moo 9 Chaloem Phrakiat Rd. Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150


Thai Language, Culture and Professional Ethics

Training Program Curriculum

Please complete the following form. Your information will keep confidential.


Security Code captcha

Please submit the completed form enclosed with

3. 3 PHOTOES (3 inches)

to Tewi Language School 48/9 (2) Soi Ramkhamhaeng 60/3 , Hua Mark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240

Tel. 02-7350956, 02-3740779, 081-1719265, 081-1712389

You can transfer your registration fee to:
Siam City Bank, A/C No. 170–2–20017-9, A/T
Name: Tewi Language School
ธ.นครหลวงไทย สาขาลำสาลี บัญชีออมทรัพย์เลขที่ 170-2-20017-9
ชื่อบัญชี โรงเรียนสอนภาษาเทวี

TEFL Course Enrollment Form

Security Code captcha


1. We process applications within 2 business days.

2. If you don't hear from us within that time frame please email or to make sure we received your application.

3. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder to see if your acceptance letter from us landed there.

4. This is a secure form, meaning that the information you provide is encrypted before it is sent to our server.

Once you decide that you'd like to reserve a place on the course you'll need to submit the non-refundable $500. The balance is due six weeks before the course. Of course if we have openings you can enroll at anytime so contact us for the availability.

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